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To swim with the club, swimmers must have reached Stage 5 or higher in either in-term school swimming or the Aquarena Swim school and be able to swim 50m freestyle continuously.  


The first step is to book an assessment with one of our coaches who will decide which squad a swimmer will train with and how many sessions they are best suited for based on the:

  • Age of swimmer

  • Technical ability of the swimmer

  • History of training & learning ability

  • Training commitment.


To find out more and to book an assessment please contact:

GASC Secretary Anna:  or

GASC Registrar Marijke : 


Yearly SWA registration fees


All members must be affiliated with Swimming WA, which includes affiliation and insurance. There are different levels of membership. New members should sign up with a Social Participation Membership, and for those under 18, a parent will need to register too (Parent members cost $5.15). For more information on membership categories click here.

Membership registration and renewals will be available annually from 1st September and are completed in Swim Central

These memberships are valid for the 2023/24 Season — from 1st September 2023 to 31st August 2024.

Fees vary depending on the membership level required.


Our fees are due either termly or by semester. Our treasurer will send out your invoice to remind you when fees are due. Payment plans are available upon request and discussion with the club Treasurer is advised.

Our fees are as follows:                                                                                 

Green Squad                   Term $135    Semester $250                                                  

Blue                                 Term $165     Semester $290                                                                  

Bronze                             Term $190    Semester $340                                                   

Silver                               Term $210    Semester $375                                                                                                

Gold                                 Term $230    Semester $420

We encourage you to talk with your coach about your personal goals and how many sessions to attend.


Receiving Invoices for squad fees

The club treasurer will email all members an invoice once GASC registration has been completed before the new Term/Semester commences. All fees include training throughout the school holidays.  Payment plans are available upon request with the club treasurer.


Please note our fees do not include entry fees to the Geraldton Aquarena.  However, discounted entry is available to all squad members

Our Bank details are as follows:

Bendigo Bank 

BSB: 633-000 

A/C: 149189292


Please put your child's name as receipt eg. A Carroll Sem 1 fees and email our club treasurer at to inform of payment.

Please contact the treasurer if you have any queries about the payment of fees.

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