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We welcome all swimmers who want to improve for:

·        Swim fitness

·        Readiness for water polo

·        Triathlons

·        Competitive swimming pathways


Geraldton Amateur Swimming Club has five squads. Swimmers are placed in a squad after an assessment with a coach. Please refer to the guidelines below for a description of each squad. The decision of the best squad for your child is determined by our coaching team.

Final criteria on squad placement for your child is subjective. These criteria will include, but is not limited to training history, training ability, endurance, skill levels, rate of improvement, motivation and commitment to training. Click the links below to find out more about each squad.

Meeting with your coach to develop training plans, goals and review performance is an important part of training, however, it’s not practical to have these discussions on pool deck whilst coaches are in training sessions. Our coaches are more than happy to arrange a suitable time to meet with you, alternatively please also feel free to email with any concerns or questions regarding your child’s squad placement or progress.


Please ask your coach if you are not sure which squad you are in.  Your coach will assign you to the squad best suited to your needs and ability.

Expectations of Swimmers

  • Swimmers should be ready to commence each session on time.

  • Swimmers should bring goggles, short fins, front facing snorkel and water bottle to each session.

  • Swimmers (or parents) must notify the coach of a swimmer’s illness or injury, or the need to leave the session early.

  • Swimmers must show consideration for other swimmers, listen attentively to the coach, and give their best effort in each session.


Expectations of parents

  • Parents must abide by the GASC Parents / Guardian Code of Conduct.

  • Parents (or swimmers) must notify the coach of a swimmer’s illness or injury, or the need to leave the session early.

  • Parents must only speak to coaches before or after (not during) the session to arrange a convenient time to talk.



Fees are confirmed by enrolling via the GASC Registration Forms. An invoice will be emailed, fees are paid per term or semester, payment being made on the first day of each term.

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