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Our Vision

To instil a life-long love of swimming and to build a program of excellence in training, team unity, character development and family support where every swimmer has the opportunity to achieve their potential.


Our Mission

* To develop water confidence, fitness and encourage healthy competition whilst providing a family friendly social environment.

* To provide an atmosphere that inspires swimmers to achieve their maximum potential through a strong work ethic, discipline, self-motivation and self-esteem.

* To foster team unity where everyone encourages and takes pride in each other at all levels of competition.


Our Values

* We have PRIDE for our club, each other and ourselves

* We RESPECT Ourselves, our Team Mates, Officials and Coaches

* We VALUE our Coaches, our Club and the Volunteer members that run our club


* We LIVE our values by bringing our words to life and giving them meaning by our actions and behaviour.


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